How innovation ecosystems are essential to affecting systemic change

In January we published a whitepaper in collaboration with the World Economic Forum: “Circular Trailblazers: Scale-ups Leading the Way Towards a More Circular Economy”.

Helen Burdett, lead of the WEF’s Circular Economy Initiative, concisely explained the concept of trailblazers in this Grow Ensemble podcast (at minute 30):

Trailblazers go the extra mile to shape the market for more sustainable solutions, in an attempt to change their entire industry for the better. Or like Helen put it – social enterprises aim to have a linear relation with their impact, “if you have x amount of impact for each product you sell, then the more products you sell, the more impact you have”. But trailblazers pursue strategies to unlock the market for the companies to follow. They challenge regulations and other industry standards. They get out there and tell their story.

Trailblazers face greater challenges that other enterprises. In our research with the World Economic Forum we looked at what they are doing and how we can help them.

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