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Become a certified board member with ScaleUpBoard

There is a high demand for experienced board members who know what it takes to scale. A scale-up is not a large start-up – to grow from a team of about 15 to a scale-up of 100+ employees, a company needs to transform itself. Do you have what it takes to support a leadership team through this journey?

In ScaleUpBoard you will:

  • Build the skills toolbox you need to facilitate growth
  • Learn from an experienced network of faculty
  • Join a life-long community of peers

Join the next class, starting in February 2022 in Amsterdam.

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What the program looks like

1. What are you getting into?

  • What is scale-up? Success factors and failures?
  • What is required to be a scale-up board member?
  • Legal aspects and governance

February 1 (Thursday)
9:00 – 17:00

2. Demystifying the Growth Engine

  • It’s not about the topline
  • Funding and investment schemes
  • Addressing the company’s growth agenda

February 11 (Friday)
9:00 – 17:00

4. Situational Leadership

  • Business Intelligence and warning signals
  • Acting on dilemmas and crisis
  • Resilience. Provide a mirror on leadership effectiveness

March 11 (Friday)
9:00 – 17:00

3. Operational Flywheel

  • Management biases
  • Remuneration and incentives
  • Operational decisions

March 31 (Thursday)
9:00 – 17:00

5. Dealing with Headwind

  • Build confidence in the CEO to think courageously
  • Help recognize opportunities and make strategic bets
  • Understand board roles across the three horizons of growth

April 1 (Friday)
9:00 – 17:00

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The Board Experts

Our faculty knows scale-up board dynamics in-and-out

We have certified 135+ board members,

many assuming roles at scale-ups

Alumni stories

Anieke Wierenga

Alumni stories

Jeroen Leffelaar

Alumni stories

Jolanda Holwerda

Johan van MilManaging Partner, Peak Capital

“I really enjoyed taking part of the Board Program because it helps you to get better alignment with other investors and board members. As you do a lot of peer coaching, I got good insights into their motivation plus some good feedback on our own.”

Michael HilbFounder & CEO, DBP Group

“The group was a great mix of backgrounds, industries, corporates, scale-ups and start-ups. I now have a much better understanding of what it takes to be a board director. I understand how complex scale-ups are, which facilitates me in helping them succeed. I now take a more reflective approach when encountering challenges.”

Tom PrinsHead of Dealflow, Aqua Spark

“It was inspirational and intimidating to be a part of this group. I learned about the importance of functional boards from serial entrepreneurs who have been through it before. A board member needs to ask a lot of difficult questions, and I am now equipped to better articulate and direct those.”

Femke MarkusPartner, Spring Associates

“It was an excellent journey to come to the realization that an effective board member is not about constantly showing “expertise and experience”. It's about asking the CEO and MT the right questions. The class really challenged us in the traditional role thinking, with a nice balance between theory and practice.”

Board with us on this journey

If you are an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, business advisor or

coach, join ScaleUpBoard now and scale your impact as a board member.


Get in touch with Jacqueline:

Jacqueline van der Heijden

+31 6 55212519

Is the program in-person?

The first Fall program (September & October) will happen on-site in Amsterdam. The second Fall program (starting in October) and the Winter program (November & December) will be blended. The 1st and 5th day are in person, and days 2, 3 and 4 are online sessions.

In between all program days you will meet with your learning circle: a peer-to-peer session where you discuss a case topic to deepen your learning. These insights will be shared plenary during the next session.

What is the participation fee?

The fee for ScaleUpBoard is €4.750. exclusive VAT. Fee includes:

  • 5 program days and 5 learning circles (peer-to-peer sessions to deepen your learning).
  • All materials, meals and refreshment
  • Certification as qualified scale-up Board Member upon completion of course work
  • Access to the ScaleUpNation community of investors, advisors, researchers and ventures

How is the selection process?

The group is individually put together through a selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning. Participation is therefore determined by application.

When is the next program?

The next classes kick off in 2022:

Class 10

February 10, 11 + March 11, 31 + April 1

Class 11 

April 21, 22 + May 27 + June 16, 17

Class 12

September 15, 16 + October 7 + November 3, 4

Class 13

October 13, 14 + November 11 + December 1, 2