The Art of Scaling

The Art of Scaling is our unique scaling methodology. Based on research on thousands of ventures, and confirmed by working closely with over 130 scale-up teams, we identified what differentiates those that scale from those that stall: the Scaling Success Factors.

There is no single formula for scaling. But you can learn from those that came before you. Here, we translate our empirical research into knowledge that informs you on your scale-up journey.

The Art of Scaling Report

The difference between a scale-up and a “stall-up” comes down to about 20 success factors. Read the full The Art of Scaling report to learn about the must-have practices for your company in order to scale.

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Our Research Approach

Our R&D team is dedicated to researching the art of scaling and translating learnings into new knowledge and tools that support impact scale-ups. 

Our research is made possible by the support of Deloitte, Goldschmeding Foundation, Utrecht University School of Economics, New Venture, EFRO, Province of Noord Holland, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Rabobank.

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Having a common language about scale-up success factors will contribute to the scale-up ecosystem. It provides a shared way to talk about investments and priority setting. Therefore we promote every practitioner to use these materials and others on our website for their own benefit. Lawyers call this “creative commons.”