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Most ventures fail to get through the scale-up phase. Why? Because a scale-up is not a big start-up. What brought success during the startup phase, will not get you through the scale-up phase. Startups that keep doing what they are doing, stall.
To scale you need to transform. This requires insight in what makes the difference between scaling and stalling. Scaling will always be challenging, but with the right insight in what maximizes the chances of success, you have a real chance to scale.

The ScaleUpScan is a diagnostic tool that provides you with the insight what to do differently in order to scale, and not end up stalling.

It provides a comprehensive view covering strategy, commerce, operations, innovation, organization as well as leadership. It Is based on unique empirical research on what differentiates between scaling and stalling. It provides benchmarks on your competitors. And it is synthesized by a ScaleUpNation expert.

The scan is fully individualized and company confidential, structured to feed directly into your strategy discussions within your MT, with your Board and with investors.

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Hundreds of companies have completed the ScaleUpScan

The ScaleUpScan is for management teams in the phase of scaling up, who have a commercial product, recurring revenues and funding. Read some of their testimonials:

How it works


You complete the CEO survey, name 4 key competitors, and have your team fill in the organizational survey.

We produce all analytics, interpretation and synthesis. You receive from us a confidential report that includes all insights and executive summary.

We facilitate a 2-hour session to discuss the results and resulting priorities with your MT.

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