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The ScaleUpScan is a data-based diagnostic process that pinpoints where exactly you are in the scaling journey. Understanding in granular detail your venture's focus areas is the perfect opportunity to prioritize growth.

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Where and how to compete in the future and what to do to get there – going international, innovation rate, and riding waves.
Operations keep the business moving and functioning at peak level – create a beachhead, leverage on impact, implement lean operations and increase your learning velocity.
Transitioning from start-up to scale-up requires continued learning, keeping the soul alive, and determining the right business beat.
The essence of scale-up leadership consists of: experienced entrepreneurs, strong ambidextrous skills, performance orientation, dream team dynamics and continuous renewal.
Before a business ever scales, it first gets started. In this phase it selects its market and decides on its business model. These choices define its scale-up potential.

A full scan of your venture

The ScaleUpScan incorporates thousands of data points from international ventures that have scaled and stalled. The tool incorporates responses from your management team and full team, a full scan of your venture and competition on digital sources, and then benchmarks your company in ScaleUpNation’s vast database.

The results of the scan provide an opportunity for your management team to have a courageous discussion about future priorities. Facilitated by a ScaleUpNation expert, we discuss the implications of the findings and opportunities for targeted support in areas to catalyze the transformation from start-up to scale-up.


The Navigator

The Navigator survey ranks your performance on each Scaling Success Factor, benchmarking it against our vast database of scale-ups and stall-ups.


Digital Proxies

The digital proxies assess how your website performs on Customer Orientation, Innovation, Impact Orientation and Internationalization in relation to your competitors and to the average scale-ups/stall-up.



The Lead2Scale framework evaluates the leadership complementarity of your management team and analyzes organizational best practices.

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