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Pinpoint where you are

on your scaling journey

The ScaleUpScan benchmarks your performance on the Scaling Success Factors against a database of thousands of ventures, showing you how you compare to those who scaled, and those who stalled.

It’s an opportunity for your management team to have a courageous discussion about your scaling challenges and future priorities.

How does it work?

1. You fill out a survey

With questions about how you perform on a number of indicators. Based on the results, you’ll see how you compare to the average scale-up and stall-up.

2. We run our digital tools

Based on AI, we’ll assess how your website performs on Customer Orientation, Innovation, Impact Orientation and Internationalization. We’ll compare the results to your competitors of choice and to the average scale-ups/stall-up.

3. We take a look at your team

Using our proprietary Lead2Scale framework, we’ll use input from your team to evaluate the complementarity of your leadership team.

4. You start your scaling journey

Facilitated by a ScaleUpNation expert, we discuss the implications of the findings and opportunities for targeted support to catalyze your transformation from start-up to scale-up

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