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About ScaleUpNation

Climate change, population growth, and access to healthcare are among the great societal challenges of our time. These challenges create an opportunity for new solutions to protect the planet and improve people’s wellbeing. And this provides the drive for new enterprises to deliver innovative products and business concepts that combine planet, people and profit.

ScaleUpNation is on a mission.

A mission to significantly increase the number of impact-oriented scale-ups in the world. To this extent the ScaleUpNation team develops and delivers tools, masterclasses and carefully crafted interventions through which they build long term relationships with scale-up teams.

Our core value is courage, which we define as the combination of brains and entrepreneurial guts. For us, that looks like:

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Meet the ScaleUpNation team

Brand Champion

Menno van Dijk

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp
Leadership Consultant

Digital Marketer

Jan Paul Grollé
Business Case Facilitator

Jacqueline van der Heijden
Board Masterclass

ScaleUpBoard Director

René Jongen
Growth Specialist

Nina Kotterik
Operations Lead

Nisrina Nabilah
Business Development Intern

Francesca Nardocci
Scaling Expert

Robert Oushoorn
Strategy Consultant

Alex Al Rishan
Financial Controller

Afroditi Terzi
Research Lead

Anieke Wierenga

Senior Fullstack Developer

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