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You do not just need a board, you need an effective one – one that propels your company forward.

For this you need board members that:

Build a strong board from the start as non-performing boards can be major frustration to manage and risk stalling the growth of your company.

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The Process

Through our platform, get access to qualified board members that have been qualified through our ScaleUpBoard program or have been individually assessed by us.

We will guide the process to ensure you end up with the perfect match. The success-based matching fee amounts to 6000 Euro, ex VAT.

Our Credentials

We have educated 250+ board members on how to support ventures on their scaling journey through our efficacious ScaleUpBoard program.

We conduct ongoing, unique research covering more than a thousand scale-ups in Europe on what differentiates between scaling and stalling including effective board practices.

Annually we organize The Board Impact Award for scale-up board members for most inspiring contributions to the scaling of ventures.

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Jolanda Holwerda

ScaleUpBoard Program Director

Article: Board Members that Propel, Not Protect

by CEO, Menno van Dijk

Key insights from our network of 250+ ScaleUpBoard Members

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