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What programs does ScaleUpNation offer?

We offer growth programs for ventures in food & agriculture – ScaleUpFood – and circular economy – ScaleUpCircular. Our Flight program is a 3 year comprehensive program for ventures further along in the scaling journey. It consists of leadership coaching and content sprints.

For board members, our Board Masterclass is a peer-based program that tackles the challenges of scale-up governance.

How do I apply?

Admission to our venture programs is on an invitation base. However, if you feel that your company is a good fit with our curriculum, contact our Customer Champion, Annie Chen, at annie.chen@scaleupnation.com.

To sign up to the ScaleUpScan, learn more here.

If you are interested in joining your Board Program, learn more here.

Does ScaleUpNation provide funding? Do you take an equity stake?

We do not request equity from our participants, neither do we provide funding, for the time being.

Are foreign companies eligible to participate?

Yes, participants do not have to be based in the Netherlands.

Is ScaleUpNation hiring?

To hear about openings in our team keep an eye on our careers page or on our LinkedIn profile.