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We know that there’s no quick fix for scaling, so we strive to create longer-term partnerships with the scale-up teams we work with. 

Such a partnership starts with an extended due diligence period from both sides. We need to be convinced of your potential to achieve impact at scale and the qualities of your leadership team. You need to get to know us and feel comfortable with our approach, professional values and people. This due diligence period often includes conducting the ScaleUpScan, participation in a program, and/or several workshops for instance to help turn your Scan results into a scale-up plan. 

The partnership is always fully individualized. Some common themes include: collaboration in visioning, target setting, strategizing and brand positioning; hands-on involvement in commercial excellence and professionalizing sales; facilitation in setting up effective and time-efficient processes; and coaching on culture and leadership development. We have also been instrumental in fundraising and providing access to capital.

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