The scale-up phase is about building your race car while driving it.

What is a scale-up?

A scale-up is an entrepreneurial venture that has achieved first revenues and now faces either the “second valley of death” or exponential growth.

To grow from a start-up team of about 15 employees towards a scale-up company of more than 100, a company needs to transform itself, from:

  • Founders to CEO/MT
  • Team to company
  • First to recurring revenues
  • Projects to processes
  • First product to innovation pipeline
  • Local to international
Going from startup to scaleup, companies face a second valley of death. They need to transform themselves to survive

The Scale-Up Success Factors

But how do companies scale?

There is no simple formula.

In researching over 500.000 ventures and working closely with 130+ teams on the ground, we discovered that scaling is an art. It can be distilled into about 20 factors that differentiate between those that scale and those that stall.

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Having a common language about scale-up success factors will contribute to the scale-up ecosystem. It provides a shared way to talk about investments and priority setting. Therefore we promote every practitioner to use these materials and others on our website for their own benefit. Lawyers call this “creative commons.”