The Board Program

Gain insights and tools. Become certified.

The Details

For: Accomplished entrepreneurs, board members, investors, business advisors, or business coaches
: Naritaweg 10, 1043 BX Amsterdam (Sloterdijk)
Duration: 5 days (March, April, May)
Fee: Eur 4.750 (ex VAT)

Start: March 2020
Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (+ 2 evening sessions)
Language: English

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Sander van der Blonk, Board Program Director at scaleupnation
Sander van der Blonk

Program Director
T: +31 6 506 1111 5

Scale your impact as a Board Member

The number of scale-ups is expanding. Consequently, there has been an increasing demand from scale-ups for experienced advice and guidance.

Are you ready to help scale-ups grow, as board member or business coach? Do you have what it takes?

ScaleUpNation will equip you with the right tools, attitude, and mindset. Moreover, you will gain certification as a qualified scale-up board member.

Startup founders meet in Amsterdam

What will you learn?

Board members meet in Amsterdam

Scale-ups pursue high risk, innovative strategies and drive in the fast lane. We will teach you how to make a positive difference as a scale-up board member. During the program you will get the latest empirical research in terms of board dynamics and operations. You’ll get concrete answers to questions like:

  • How to diagnose the company’s position and operations?
  • How to set and measure (new) growth objectives?
  • How to help the founder in her transition to become CEO?
  • How to manage the VC relationship?
  • How to earn trust as a coach and advisor?
  • How to anticipate looming board conflicts and mitigate these?

Learning from advanced peers

Classes have included a diverse group of participants who bring their extensive experience and deep perspectives to share. To see a list of our alumni, please check out the Board Members.

Board program companies

“The passion, energy, and execution by the ScaleUpNation team – excellent!” – Harm-Jan Wessels, CEO Forcare

Michael Hilb

Entrepreneur and Board Member

“The group was a great mix of backgrounds, diverse in industries, corporates, scale-ups and start-ups. I now have a much better understanding of what it really takes to a board director. I understand how complex scale-ups are, which facilitates me in helping them succeed. I now take a more reflective approach when encountering challenges or issues.”

Tom Prins


“It was inspirational and intimidating to be a part of this group. I learned about the real importance of functional boards from serial entrepreneurs in the class who have been through it before. I realized that I’m easily inclined to move to solutions without fully understanding the root cause of the problem. A board member needs to ask a lot of difficult questions, and I am now equipped to better articulate and direct those with the venture.”

Femke Markus

Partner, Spring Associates

“For me the Board Program was an excellent journey to come to the realization that an effective board member is not about constantly showing and presenting “expertise and experience” but that it is about asking the CEO and his/her team the right questions – that you can only ask when having the right experience. The class really challenged us in the traditional role thinking, the format was a nice balance between theory and practice.”

Nature of the Program

The program is experiential, not lecture-based.

The focus is on discovering insights rather than providing outright facts.

This is achieved through case-based group work, carefully chosen expert sessions, peer to peer learning, eye-openers and playful exploration.

The program content is based on unique insights coming from ScaleUpNation’s Art of Scaling – created through research on +500.000 ventures and based on experience in supporting 100 scale-ups. A perspective on the role board members play in the scaling journey can be read here.

Startup founders meet in Amsterdam

“ScaleUpNation is THE source for leading edge thinking and tools on how to scale a business.”  Bas Verhart, Founder DFFRNT Media

Experts and Presenters

Menno van Dijk

Founder ScaleUpNation

Anton Arts

Managing Partner, SET Ventures

Leen Paape

Professor Corporate Governance

Josephine de Zwaan

Supervisory Board Chair

Kim Verkooij

Business Analytics Manager Adyen

Matthijs Ingen-Housz


Bram de Zwart

Co-founder and CEO 3D Hubs

Hayat Chedid

Leadership expert

Jan Willem Gerritsen

Board Member and Investor

Quirijn van Veen


Jan Paul Grollé

Governance and Case Development

Ilmar Hotsma

Partner Filsa B.V.

Over 75

Board Members have completed the training course, with many assuming roles at scale-ups post program.

March 5

What are you getting into?

  • What is a scale-up? Success factors and failures?
  • What is required to be a scale-up board member?
  • Legal aspects and governance

9:00 – 21:00

March 6

Demystifying the Growth Engine

  • It’s not about the topline
  • Funding and investment schemes
  • Addressing the company’s growth agenda

9:00 – 18:00

April 2

Operational Flywheel

  • Management biases
  • Remuneration and incentives
  • Operational decisions

9:00 – 21:00

April 3

Situational Leadership

  • Build confidence in the CEO to think courageously challenge conventions
  • Strategic leaps. Help recognize opportunities and make strategic bets
  • Understand board roles across the three horizons of growth.

9:00 – 18:00

May 8

Dealing with Headwind

  • Business Intelligence and warning signals
  • Acting on dilemmas and crisis
  • Resilience. Provide a mirror on leadership effectiveness

9:00 – 21:00

Program is subject to change. 


  • You are an accomplished entrepreneur, board member, investor, business advisor, or business coach
  • The group is individually put together through a selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning. Participation is therefore determined by application.

Sander van der Blonk
Program Director
T: +31 6 506 1111 5


The fee for the Board Proram is EUR 4.750. exclusive VAT. Fee includes:

  • 5 full days of training
  • All materials, meals and refreshment
  • Certification as qualified scale-up Board Member upon completion of course work
  • Access to the ScaleUpNation community of investors, advisors, researchers and ventures

Our Principles of Engagement

Scaling a venture is hard, complex, explorative, and experimental. Scale-up masters are experienced practitioners as well as lifelong learners. Our programs are designed to meet their needs, delivering:

  • International best-in-class faculty (in strategy, practice, and coaching)
  • Proprietary research-based insights
  • Master-level programming
  • Serious leadership development

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