The Lab

As the research arm of ScaleUpNation, The Lab exists to increase the chances of success for innovative scale-up ventures by researching the art of scaling and translating our learnings into tools that support impact scale-ups. These are fast-growing, young enterprises (< 10 years old) that have the potential for large societal impact combined with an attractive financial model. Our core activities include:

  • producing insights and tools (market maps, strategy playbooks, benchmarks and audits, management dashboards, and supporting embedded intelligence)
  • curating research competitions to fund multi-disciplinary projects that address specific practitioner questions, and hosting research collaboration and dissemination events,
  • growing our vibrant, selective, peer-to-peer impact scale-up community both locally at country hubs and globally through a viral, online platform.

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Data and Demand Driven

Scaling is a “dark art” that needs to be understood. There is a large popular literature written by successful scale-up entrepreneurs and investors revealing the secret of their success – but this is not necessarily relevant to other businesses nor has it been scientifically tested. There is little research in academia that takes a comprehensive, and operational view of scaling.

What we do know is that embedded intelligence increases the odds for entrepreneurial ventures. The ScaleUpNation Lab’s research activities are backed by data and guided by a demand driven approach, dedicated to solving the core challenges of ventures in our programs.

The Team

Our international team is designed to achieve our purpose to help innovative ventures to scale. Our structure helps us to foster deep collaboration, sustain a spirit of entrepreneurship in all our activities, and to ensure the research we conduct is relevant to practitioners. Our team is growing fast and we are always on the lookout for researchers and collaborators. If you would like to get in touch about opportunities with The Lab, please reach out to Daan Bak (

Research Partners

Goldschmeding Foundation
University of Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Study