The Art of Scaling

Position your brand for impact

December 14th | 16:00 – 17:00 CET

In the last Art of Scaling webinar of the year, we’re exploring a topic that is dear to our hearts: brand positioning for impact. Our research has shown that having a larger purpose (than just profit) triples the chances of scale-up success. Why is that? More than just appealing to the customers that align with their mission, impact-oriented companies benefit from superior access to talent, lower cost financing and additional brand value. 

So how do you position your brand for impact? In the webinar we will explore topics like:

  • How to create a compelling story and share it 
  • Strategies for raising awareness to the issue you’re fighting
  • How to educate your customers
  • Turning customers into ambassadors through movements

Learn more about the speakers below 👇

There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session, with both speakers and our scaling experts. Don’t forget to register!

Pascal van Ham

Country manager, INFARM

About Pascal

Pascal has a long track-record of brand building, international marketing, innovation, and creating impact. She has led the marketing departments of Heineken, SOS Kinderdorpen, and Tony’s Chocolonely. In 2019 she started her own consulting firm, where she “enables people, businesses and brands to release their goodness inside and make impact”. She is currently the country director of INFARM, a sustainable farming scale-up that is revolutionizing the sector. 

Anne Miltenburg

Founder, The Brandling

About Anne

Anne is the founder and CEO of The Brandling, an education company that provides “tools, training, and tribe to build your brand for change”. Through its original brand development method, the Brandling team aims to democratize high quality brand knowledge, supporting entrepreneurs all over the world to sell their ideas for change better. Anne’s background is in design, having worked at several commercial agencies (Studio Dumbar, Lava and Interbrand), where she grew from designer to strategist and creative director.

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