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Act as a scale-up

Take your beachhead seriously

by Anna Fenko, Liselore Havermans,  Ji-ye Oh,
Afroditi Terzi, Jorgen Sandig and Menno van Dijk

The 3 steps towards creating a beachhead

Creating a beachhead is no easy feat, but it is crucial in order to scale. Many scale-ups know this, but very few really do it.

In its latest study, ScaleUpLab looks at how scale-ups can conquer their market by establishing a beachhead.

“The risk is playing it too safe. If you win, efficiency isn’t important; if you lose, efficiency is irrelevant.

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The Authors

Anna Fenko


Liselore Havermans

Sr. Researcher

Ji-ye Oh


Afroditi Terzi


Jorgen Sandig

ScaleUpLab Director

Menno Van Dijk

Founder & CEO