Scale-up CEOs:

What can you do now?

Protect your employees

  • Provide clear communication to employees on what to do
  • Provide autonomy and decentralize decision making
  • Provide an infrastructure for remote work

Get in sufficient cash

  • Strive for 3 months of cash at hand
  • Immediately pursue options for extending loans, and accounts payable. Make use of rescue propositions from government

Secureyour supply

  • Ensure adequate buffer stock of crucial parts and other inputs on hand
  • Check the situation at key suppliers and ensure their reliability

Help in the community

  • Target community outreach organizations in your area
  • Encourage your employees to volunteer

Commit to your customers

  • Reach out to and stay close to your customers. Help them.

Step up your business model

  • Reframe your value proposition to adjust to your customers’ new needs

How can we help?

Could you use a sounding board, an introduction, an expert to ask questions of, a brainstorm for keeping team spirits high? Get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to find the right support. It’s times like this the ScaleUpNation community was built for