Assess your performance in the 20 Scaling Success Factors

Are you scaling?

Assess your performance in the 20 Scale-up Success Factors

The ScaleUpNavigator is a free tool developed by ScaleUpLab to help entrepreneurs increase their probability of success.

Niels Dierckx

Program Director JustDiggIt

“If you really want to have a vision on ‘how’ you are going to scale, not 2x but 10x or even a 100x as an organization, it is essential to use a tool like the ScaleUpNavigator.”

The ScaleUpNavigator is the result of

10.000 hours of research

Analyzing 500.000 ventures

Working closely with many entrepreneurs

There are 83 questions in total, in different forms: semantic differentials, multiple choice, yes/no, drop-down and open answers.

Quantified overview of your performance

Find out whether you are distinctive, on par, or if there is room to improve in each factor.

Insights & benchmarks

Receive instant feedback on:

  • Where you stand compared to other scale-ups
  • Where to debottleneck
  • How to stimulate your growth
We analyzed many scale-ups and stall-ups and how they score on the Scale-up Success Factors. Based on this, you get a quantified overview of the percentage of scale-ups and stall-ups that scored the same as you. You are also able to see where you are situated compared to them, as well as valuable insights and actionable feedback.
Every 3 months you can come back and re-evaluate your performance. You can check your progress and where you stand compared to previous periods. Over time you’ll have a clear overview of how your business changed every quarter.

Quarterly tracking of your progress

  • Monitor your performance over time
  • Quantify your successes
  • Make your case for your team, customers and investors

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Step 2

Answer questions in 6 stages related to the Scale-up Success Factors

Step 3

We calculate your score in each factor by averaging the answers to the corresponding questions

Step 4

Get your instant data-driven performance report