Our Story

Climate change, urbanization, population growth and access to healthcare are among the great societal challenges of our time.

At ScaleUpNation, we believe that these challenges are also major opportunities for innovative enterprise with “triple bottom line impact”, and that only those that scale will make a real difference.

Unfortunately, a mere 0.4% of all ventures founded reach scale (more than 10 million revenue after 5 years). ScaleUpNation helps scale young, innovative ventures in Food and Agriculture, Mobility, and Healthtech by means of scaling programs (The Practice), a peer community, research (The Lab) and growth financing (The Fund).

Our Ambition

The ScaleUpNation ambition:

1. Support scale-ups with a 3P (people, planet, profit) impact, focused on selected areas

2. Focus on those new firms that generate impact and employment at scale

3. Support all scale-ups in the Netherlands

4. Go international

5. Be the preeminent thought leader on ScaleUpDrivers

6. Provide growth financing with superior 3P returns

Our Team

Carl Bahnmuller
Fund Director and Venture Partner

Daan Bak
Project Manager

Janet Bumpas
Program Director

Hayat Chedid
Practice Director

Annie Chen
Customer Champion

Menno van Dijk

Jan Paul Grollé
Leadership Coach

Noëlle Haitsma
Board Masterclass and District

Liselore Havermans
Senior Researcher

Jacqueline van der Heijden
Board Masterclass

Adelina Iacob
Marketing Intern

Seif Kabil
Venture Analyst

Laurie Kemp
Venture Analyst

Nina Kotterik
Program Manager and Venture Tracker

Rodria Laline
Governance Expert

Kathryn Maunders
Lab Builder

Valeria Mecozzi
Knowledge Conductor

Francesca Nardocci
Process Manager

Nick Ouvenis

Alex Al Rishan
District Manager / Financial Controller

Samir Saberi
Commercial Director

Jörgen Sandig
Lab Director

Afroditi Terzi
Research Lead

Ceferino Villalba

Floortje Vriezema
Project Manager

Bernie van Welt
Program Director

Venture Partners

Floris van der Broek
Venture Partner

Jasper van den Driest
Venture Partner

Noëlle Haitsma
Venture Partner

Bart Hartman
Venture Partner

Jorg van der Heijden
Venture Partner

Auke van den Hout
Venture Partner

Jaap Maljers
Venture Partner

Femke Markus
Venture Partner

Ivo de la Rive Box
Venture Partner

Rolf Jan Rutten
Venture Partner

Robert Schuman
Venture Partner
Jason Smith
Venture Partner

Olivier Tardieu
Venture Partner

Laurens de Vijver
Venture Partner

Alexander van Wassenaer
Venture Partner

Marieke van Wel-Stoffels
Venture Partner

Bert Wiggers
Venture Partner

Roland Zegger
Venture Partner

Scaling is hard, complex, explorative and experimental. True scale-up masters are experienced practitioners and lifelong learners, like us.


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