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The global go-to hub to scale your innovative Food & Agri venture

  • Diagnostic tools that identify your place in the scaling journey and prioritize growth
  • Online support interventions, tailored to your unique journey, to reframe scaling challenges
  • Access to the primary F&A ecosystem in the world and an international platform for expansion
  • All delivered with ScaleUpNation’s extensive research and insights on thousands of venture leadership teams

Program Content

2 surveys + individual session

Understand your scaling success factors and align on priorities in your scaling journey

  • €3,000
  • Starting Q1 2021


4 Online Class Days [with prep work]

Reframe your vision, mission, value proposition and leadership style

  • €6,000
  • April 15, 22, 29; May 6


3 Online Workshops [1-3 companies]

Sharpen your skills, boost your leadership potential and get external advice on specific scaling challenges

  • €4,500
  • Q2 2021
ScaleUpFood Package: 9,500€

including Foodvalley membership

The Experts

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Kimberly Ofori

Lead Business Developer

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