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These are the scale-ups, corporates, VCs, and supporting institutions that are shaping the future of F&A in the Netherlands.

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Scaling is hard...

99.6% of ventures either stall or die. As a scale-up leader, you may be experiencing the following growing pains:

  • I feel like I need to clone myself in order to be a good CEO
  • Sales aren’t taking off as fast as expected
  • We’re acing our home country, but struggling to replicate it internationally
  • We take great pride in our start-up culture, but are we organized for high growth?
  • My team and shareholders are misaligned on growth priorities and it’s causing friction

...especially in F&A

There’s long sales and development cycles, conservative customers, and complicated regulations. We research the specific success factors of F&A:

  • Strategic selling to powerful corporate customers and distributors, while protecting your IP and values
  • Data-driven business models that extend the value of your core proposition
  • Designing and constructing production at scale including in-house and outsourcing options
  • Specialized finance focused on the long-term, to capture scaling opportunities

ScaleUpFood is a scaling catalyst

for upstream F&A scale-ups


Pinpoint your exact place in the scaling journey and identify priorities for growth


Tailored and peer learning support on scaling priorities and industry challenges


Enabling successful partnerships and growth opportunities for scale-ups

Our Methodology

Scaling is a journey

We are on a mission to develop The Art of Scaling – the set of qualities and practices that differentiate the companies that scale from those that stall. We have studied hundreds of ventures and mapped out their scaling journey.

This research directly feeds our methodology – we have developed tools that help you identify your priorities, interventions that double your chances of scaling, and a network of best-in-class experts who help you unleash your potential.

1. Pinpoint where you stand

Our diagnostic tool benchmarks your venture on the scaling success factors, both against your competition and our database of scale-ups and stall-ups. It helps you identify exactly where you need to focus in order grow your business in the next 6-12 months. 

We’ve launched the tool last May, and have since used it as an intake tool for our programs, as well as the primary evaluation tool for TechLeap’s Rise program. Learn more here.

2. Double your chances of scaling

Since our founding, we have worked intensively with over 125 scale-ups in the Netherlands, Germany and Israel, operating in food&agriculture, health, energy and circularity. The content of our programs is directly fed by our research on the scaling success factors.

We actively track the impact we have on the companies we work with versus the performance of those that declined collaboration. The numbers show that we are able to double their success rate in scaling.

3. Leverage the ecosystem

A key part of our offering – and of scaling – is ecosystem partnerships. All ventures that join ScaleUpFood become members of Foodvalley, the largest food&agri ecosystem in the Netherlands.

We also facilitate access to corporate partners and other key members, such as board members and venture partners.

scale food agricultureod program.
Orbisk is an impact scale-up in food and agri that participated in ScaleUpFood, a program for ventures that are aggressively scaling


Get a grip on food

waste in your kitchen

Orbisk’s fully automatic food waste monitor enables catering establishments to reduce food waste by up to 70%. Discover the trends in your kitchen based on data!

Protifarm produces sustainable, high quality insect ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


The insect-based food

revolution starts here

Protifarm has created AdalbaPro, the world’s first ingredient line made from insects for the food and beverage industry. Planet-friendly food solutions that are nutritional and produced efficiently.

efarmer is one of the participants of the ScaleUpNation Food program, which focuses on upstream Agri&Food scale-ups


Precision agriculture

for everyone, everywhere

Using the latest advances in mobile, cloud, sensor and big data technology, eFarmer makes precision farming readily available for all the farmers in the world.

Kingfish Zeeland is one of the 125+ impact scale-ups have completed our programs

The Kingfish Company

The future of sustainable

aquaculture is on land

Using the latest advances in mobile, cloud, sensor and big data technology, eFarmer makes precision farming available for all the farmers in the world.

BOS brands is one of the participants in the ScaleUpFood program.

BOS Brands

Rooibos tea that proves

being healthy can be fun

“Go Bos!” is a South African saying that means to go crazy (in a fun way). That’s exactly what the team of BOS did with its flashy cans of tea, made from the superfood local rooibos plant.

30-MHz is the data platform for crop-level insights - ScaleUpFood Class 1


The data platform

for horticulture

30MHz’s technology tracks the climatic conditions of produce, allowing growers to continuously improve the production process of crops, plants, seeds, and bulbs.

All ventures that join ScaleUpFood become members of Foodvalley - a Dutch ecosystem that brings together world-class innovative Food&Agri companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments.

Meet Kingfish Zeeland

ScaleUpFood alumni

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Anieke Werenga

Program Director

Laura Talsma

Business Developer

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  • A food&agri venture on the verge of scaling
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