ScaleUpCircular is a scaling program for circular construction companies

Innovative circular solutions have the power to shape the future of work and living

These are the scale-ups that are shaping the future of construction and real estate in the Netherlands.
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Bringing circular into the building

ScaleUpCircular is a scaling catalyst for innovative ventures in the construction sector

The construction industry is responsible for more than one third of global resource consumption. Scale-ups with an ambitious vision and a solid track record are our best chance for changing the tide towards a circular future. But they must scale in order to move the needle.

  • Pinpoint your place in the scaling journey and prioritize growth
  • Reframe your business opportunities in the current Corona crisis
  • Connect immediately with peers in the same scaling stage you’re in
  • Access scaling experts who can challenge your current thinking

ScaleUpCircular is a part of Circular@Scale, an initiative by ScaleUpNation and Powered by Meaning. It is a dedicated program for scale-ups and their business partners to trailblaze the circular economy through entrepreneurship.

01. Research

A handbook on ‘Best Practices for Scaling in the Circular Economy’, based on our analysis on success factors for circular scale-ups, as well as an impact tracking tool.

02. ScaleUpCircular

A hands-on coaching and training program that tackles strategic and operational challenges to scale.

03. Circular Landmarks

Collaborations between participating scale-ups and their business partners, construction contractors, to co-create large iconic circular projects.

04. Circular Contracting

4 Masterclasses for employees of construction contractors to prepare your organization for circular contracting and successful collaboration with circular scale-ups.

Program Content

Understand your scaling success factors and align on priorities in your scaling journey

  • 2 Surveys
  • 1 individual session


Reframe your vision, mission, value proposition and leadership style

  • 4 Online Class Days
  • Preparation & Homework


Sharpen your skills, boost your leadership potential and get external advice on specific scaling challenges

  • 3 full-day online workshops
  • 1-3 companies per workshop

Are you ready to scale?

Nina Kotterik

Operations Lead

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with Nina, our operations lead, to find out how ScaleUpCircular can help your venture scale. | +31 6 28215361
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