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As the research arm of ScaleUpNation, ScaleUpLab exists to support impact scale-ups in their journey to scale.

We believe that scaling is a “dark art” that needs to be understood.

There is a large popular stream of literature written by successful scale-up entrepreneurs and investors, revealing the secret of their success – but this is not necessarily relevant to other businesses nor has it been scientifically tested.

Moreover, there is little research in academia that takes a comprehensive, and operational view of scaling. ScaleUpLab exists to change that.

ScaleUpLab collects data, insights and tools on scale-up success factors and scale-up leadership.

ScaleUpLab collects data, insights and tools on scale-up success factors and scale-up leadership.

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New Tool

Can you scale?

Scaling is a measurable and deliberate process. The ScaleUpScan will help you understand in granular detail where you are on the scaling journey, based on our Scaling Success Factors framework.

The ScaleUpScan is a data-based diagnostic process that helps you identify your scaling challenges with granular detail

Demand and Data Driven Research

In the Lab, we research the ‘Art of Scaling’ and translate our learnings into new knowledge and tools that support impact scale-ups.

Supported by research institutions, ScaleUpLab works in close collaboration with the scale-up ventures and entrepreneurs from our community to better understand the challenges that lie at the core of their scaling journey. Guided by this demand driven approach, we translate our findings into data driven tooling, embedded intelligence and research.

Data analysis in computer

We conduct research projects always in close cooperation with scale-ups and with support from research institutes.

Research Approach

By feeding our knowledge back into the practice, the Lab supports ScaleUpNation’s core activities while generating actionable insights to scale-up leadership teams.

Research Projects

Scale-up Deep Dive: gaining deeper insights into the scaling success factors from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. 


A Deep Dive is an extensive and thorough investigation into a topic. We use the Deep Dive in order to explore how scale-ups manage the Deep Dive topics, learn how they currently operate, and how this effects the business operation and decision making. Specifically: how does the status quo affect the probability of scaling and what are the mechanisms that can be influenced by the leadership team? Supported by the Goldschmeding Foundation, we are currently conducting research into the following scaling success factors:

  • Learning Velocity
  • Hiring the Best
  • Delighting Customers
  • Crossing the Chasm
ScaleUp Deep Dives

ScaleUp Priorities: Increasing the growth potential of impact oriented scale-ups.


ScaleUp Priorities is a recently born research project supported by Goldschmeding Foundation. Our main goal in this project is to provide impact-oriented scale-ups with original insights, advanced knowledge and practical support in order to increase their growth potential, and, therefore, expand their impact range. We aim to achieve that by providing scale-ups with data driven guidance to identify their own most urgent and important focus areas, applying advanced analytics and using self-assessment and benchmarking tools.

Scale-up Ambidexterity


Ambidexterity is combining external orientation with internal coordination. This means that you need to scale the volume of external interaction as the organization grows while. At the same time, you need to restrain the burden of internal communication, by providing clear roles and responsibilities as well as preventing the CEO from overloading.

Yet, the challenge of maintaining ambidextrous becomes more daunting as the organization grows. As you generate more business momentum you also receive more business opportunities. As you increase the size of your organization, complexity rises too.

With the support of the Goldschmeding Foundation, ScaleUpLab conducted a big data analysis of all internal and external email-based communication of five scale-ups in our community over the course of their scale-up journey.

Our research revealed that that the volume and direction of email communication is a cruel yet insightful proxy for ambidextrous behavior, that scale-up CEO/MTs do well to periodically self-assess their level of ambidexterity (for this we developed a simple software tool: the CEO Sanity Saver) and that appointing a COO helps in reducing the burden.

ScaleUp Ambidexterity

Learn more about ambidexterity and our research outcomes.

The Team

Our international team is designed to achieve our purpose to help innovative ventures to scale. Our structure helps us to foster deep collaboration, sustain a spirit of entrepreneurship in all our activities, and to ensure the research we conduct is relevant to practitioners.

Our team is growing fast and we are always on the lookout for researchers and collaborators. Keep an eye on our careers page to hear about job opportunities in The Lab.

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Liselore Havermans
Senior Researcher

Nikolaos Karagkiozis
Data Analyst

Afroditi Terzi
Research Lead