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Hardly any start-ups scale.

Most new companies either fail or stall out, never making it beyond a small to medium enterprise.


Only .4% of start-ups actually scale.


(Chart depicts revenues of surviving start-ups in year 5, based on the ScaleUpNation and Deloitte database of 500.000 start-ups)

Growth is self constrained.

You as founder may be the main barrier.

As a scale-up founder and entrepreneur, do you recognize these growing pains?

  • I feel like I need to clone myself in order to be a good CEO and deliver the business.
  • Sales aren’t taking off as fast as expected.
  • We’re acing the Netherlands, but struggling to replicate this internationally.
  • Our cash runway is ending soon, how do we unlock new growth funding?
  • We take great pride in our start-up culture, but are we organized for high growth?
  • My team and shareholders are misaligned on growth priorities and it’s causing friction.

Make the choice to scale.

The Venture Runway Program is an 8 day course (4 x 2 days) exposing ventures to opportunities to scale their business.

Your management team will be given the chance to evaluate your readiness to scale and identify concrete first steps through ScaleUpNation expert perspectives, unique experiences and peer learning opportunities.


“ScaleUpNation is THE source for leading edge thinking and tools on how to scale a business.”  Bas Verhart

What you get:

Proven Scaling Insights

Only ScaleUpNation has a fully underpinned model of scaling drivers that help you to identify where and how to secure your resources for the scaling phase. Runway ventures get full access to these insights and the experts who help bring the content to life.

Objective Evaluation

Using proven tools developed by our experts and through our lab, understand what urgent steps  you need to make as a leader for your organization and business, to unlock growth. Perspectives from experienced investors and successful scaling entrepreneurs provide a valuable mirror.

Breakthrough solutions

Step away from the day-to-day business and work together with your management team on a new creative plane – thinking outside the box and working with peers to develop unexpected and fundamental solutions to your scaling challenges.

Opportunities to accelerate

Based on performance in the ScaleUpNation Runway Program, select ventures will be invited to join the Flight program – a long term support program on the scaling drivers which can include series B and C funding opportunities.


of our scale-ups grow more than 20% in the year after Runway.
Average venture capital portfolio growth is 10%.

Jumpstart your scaling

Jurriaan Ruys

CEO Land Life Company

“The Runway Program gave us the opportunity to sharpen our purpose and scaling path and the coaching sessions with other scale-ups gave actionable steps to move forward”

Ritsaart van Montfrans

CEO Incision

“A close-knit group of people with big ideas on how to change the world. We learned a lot from sharing our experiences, and supporting each other in moving our ventures forward. Tools, coaching, networking.. Amazing to be a part of it.”

Mark van Laar

CEO Fixico

“Runway has been a fantastic and inspiring journey. It helped us take a step back and reflect on our day-to- day business and scaling strategy, while learning from entrepreneurs, coaches and practitioners about how to best navigate the scaling journey that lies ahead.”

Application Process

“The passion, energy, and execution by the ScaleUpNation team – excellent!” – Harm-Jan Wessels, CEO Forcare

Program Rhythm

Module 1

  • ScaleUpDNA Compelling vision: are investors throwing their money at you yet?
  • Enterprise scaling Beachhead: how selective are you in customer development? How will you dominate your niche?
  • Leadership development The Self: do you have what it takes to lead a high-growth company? Where are you credible and what do you want to learn?

Mar 28 – 29

1.5 Days

Module 2

  • ScaleUpDNA Scalable model: How to make your business model even more disproportionally profitable with scale?
  • Enterprise Scaling Operations: how well-versed are you in setting targets, creating processes and pushing your team to great performance?
  • Leadership Build-up: how well can your leadership team act as multipliers in this growth phase?

Apr 25 – 26

1.5 Days

Module 3

  • ScaleUpDNA Delighted customers: how are you moving to mainstream market adoption and into international markets?
  • Enterprise Scaling Organization: do you have a start-up or scale-up culture? How do you consolidate working practices?
  • Leadership Flow: does top talent come knocking on your door yet? Is your team engaged and thriving? How to scale your hiring, on-boarding, and learning?

May 23 – 24

1.5 Days

Module 4

  • ScaleUpDNA Competitive edge: innovate or die. How will you expand your portfolio and remain ahead of competition?
  • Enterprise scaling Strategic renewal: What smart bets will you take to unlock growth? What are the best opportunities to double-down on?
  • Leadership Galvanize: how do you help your team deal with setback and learn from failure? How do you ensure good shareholder governance?

Jun 27 – 28

1.5 Days

Join a group of over 100 scale-ups.

The past 2,5 years, we have worked with +100 ventures, helping them to scale and building a close-knitted scaling community that spans leading Dutch VCs and investors, serial entrepreneurs and service providers to guide your growth.

Faculty and Venture Partners

The core of the ScaleUpNation runway program is delivered by experienced practitioners, often successful entrepreneurs and investors themselves, who can ask the right questions to help you on your learning journey. They facilitate:

  • Experiences rather than lectures, creating opportunities to work closely with your team and develop new insights and breakthrough solutions.
  • Deep-dives on your business with subject matter and scaling experts, our venture partners.
  • Peer learning, allowing you to leverage the wisdom of a crowd of entrepreneurs that are in your exact scaling stage.

Our Principles of Engagement

Scaling a venture is hard, complex, explorative, and experimental. Scale-up masters are experienced practitioners as well as lifelong learners. Our programs are designed to meet their needs, delivering:

  • International best-in-class faculty (in strategy, practice, and coaching)
  • Proprietary research-based insights
  • Master-level programming
  • Serious leadership development

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