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Samir Saberi

Commercial Director

Runway is a 6 day course exposing your venture to scaling opportunities.

Your management team will be given the chance to evaluate your readiness to scale and identify concrete first steps through ScaleUpNation expert perspectives, unique experiences and peer learning opportunities.

April 22, 2019
3 days in April; 3 days in June [6 days]
Naritaweg 10, Amsterdam 1043BX
€7.500 (exc. VAT)

Selection Process

1. Eligibility

  • Contribute to at least one of UN’s SDGs
  • Innovative product/service
  • Founding team of 2 or more;
  • 5-35 Full Time Employees
  • Generating revenue
  • Raising or recently raised Series A funding
  • Hiring for functional roles (i.e. marketing, sales)

2. Assessment

Assess performance of business against the Scale-Up Success Factors through the ScaleUpNavigator. Define bottlenecks and areas for improvement

3. Interview

Mutually agree on fit and learning objectives


of our scale-ups grow more than 20% in the year after Runway.
Average venture capital portfolio growth is 10%.

Jurriaan Ruys

CEO Land Life Company

“The Runway Program gave us the opportunity to sharpen our purpose and scaling path and the coaching sessions with other scale-ups gave actionable steps to move forward”

Ritsaart van Montfrans

CEO Incision

“A close-knit group of people with big ideas on how to change the world. We learned a lot from sharing our experiences, and supporting each other in moving our ventures forward. Tools, coaching, networking.. Amazing to be a part of it.”

Mark van Laar

CEO Fixico

“Runway has been a fantastic and inspiring journey. It helped us take a step back and reflect on our day-to-day business and scaling strategy, while learning from entrepreneurs, coaches and practitioners how to best navigate the scaling journey that lies ahead.”

What you get:

Startup founders meet in Amsterdam

Proven Insights

Only ScaleUpNation has a fully underpinned model of scaling drivers that help you to identify where and how to secure your resources for the scaling phase.

Startup founders meet in Amsterdam

Objective Evaluation

Using our proprietary tools, identify which urgent steps you need to make as a leader for your organization and business to debottleneck growth.

Man learns about data analytics

Breakthrough solutions

Step away from the day-to-day business and work together with your management team on a new creative plan.

Startup founders meet in Amsterdam

Flight Program

Post-Runway program, select ventures will be invited to join the Flight program – a long term support program on the scaling drivers which can include series B and C funding opportunities.

Expert Faculty

Menno Van Dijk

Founder ScaleUpNation

Francesca Nardocci

Scale-up Operations

Hayat Chedid

Leadership, Team and Culture

Jörgen Sandig

Learning Velocity and AI

Samir Saberi

Enterprise Sales

Rodria Laline

Scale-up Governance

Jennifer Boulanger

Hiring and Onboarding

Rod Ben Zeev


More than 125 startups have participated in ScaleUpNation's growth programs

These companies have been through the program before you

The past 2,5 years, we have worked with +100 ventures, helping them to scale and building a close-knitted scaling community that spans leading Dutch VCs and investors, serial entrepreneurs and service providers to guide your growth.

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How do I apply?

Admission is on an invitation base. However, if you feel that your company is a good fit with the program, send your proposal to our commercial director, Samir Saberi, at

Does ScaleUpNation provide funding? Do you take an equity stake?

We do not request equity from the participants. We charge a commercial fee of €7,500, which is tax deductible. Besides the 6 days of training, it includes all materials, meals and refreshments.

How long is the program? When is the next one starting?

The program takes 6 days in total, divided into 2 modules of 3 days.
The first module starts on April 22nd 2020, and the second takes place in June.

Which members of the management team should attend the modules?

We expect teams of 2 to 3 people, with the possibility of rotating between members. Do note that the program is about peer learning and building relationships, so it is optimal to have the same people attending all of the sessions.

Are foreign companies eligible to participate?

Yes, participants do not have to be based in the Netherlands.
Presence in the modules, however, is mandatory.