An exclusive multi-year scale-up program

Eligible for Flight?

Selection criteria:

As a scale-up venture, you have:

  • A compelling 3P (People, planet, profit) vision
  • Serious growth potential
  • Achieved product/market fit
  • Financial health
  • 15 – 100 full time employees
  • Founders and management team receptive to feedback and change

What you get:

Venture Partner

(1 time / month)

  • Strategic sparring partner for CEO and MT
  • Helps prepare board sessions
  • Works on balanced H1 + H2 + H3 growth efforts

Leadership Coach

(1 day / month)

  • Coaching for the full MT on MT dynamics, culture building, organizational development.
  • Help build a functioning MT and board dynamics

Expert Sprints

(4 sprints / year)

Ventures in Flight

Focus areas

Scale-up DNA

  • Scalability Recalibration: Take a step back and re-calibrate and strengthen the foundation of these Scaling Success factors, including a competitive analysis, business modeling, market forecasting, growth scenarios, impact and value analysis – all leading to a scorecard based on our scale-up success factors

Ambidextrous Leadership

  • Dream team design and formation: interrelations, trust base, business requirements and developing/executing a plan to build the team
  • Building resilience and ambidexterity: leadership coaching on visioning and making smart bets, driving excellence and situational leadership
  • Governance: working with advisory and/or executive boards and improving board dynamics

Strategic Leaps

  • Internationalization: guidance to enter a new strategic market abroad including selection, actionable go-to-market strategy, implementation plan and introduction to local partners and opportunity to double-check
  • Innovation road-mapping, product development: help to build an innovation roadmap by collecting customer feedback, technology and industry research, predicting bottlenecks, prioritizing feature feature development

Dynamic Structure

  • Process Excellence: inventory of best practices and processes worth consolidating, documenting, defining rhythm of feedback loops, assigning responsibility
  • Recruitment and onboarding: Define profiles, leverage relationships, structure selection process, manage the process
  • Culture: Values, cultural heuristics, unwritten rules, building trust, collaboration
  • Business Beat: MT level establishing a functional structure with focus, targets, accountability and transparency

Business Flywheel

  • Discover and define the beachhead: “crossing the chasm” sprint: discover, define and describe the beachhead, define how you will dominate this market
  • Marketing, sales, growth hacking: create branding and marketing process, optimizing sales strategy, process, lead generation, improve product and sales by A/B testing
  • Operational de-bottlenecking, Lean and/or Agile: implement end to end process control, sales, production, delivery all the way to service
  • Embedded intelligence: Define your model, find data sources, measure and analyze, re-run the model

Venture partners and coaches

Floris van der Broek
Venture Partner

Hayat Chedid
Sprint Provider

Florent Coudyser
Sprint Provider

Grant Davidson
Leadership Coach

Jasper van den Driest
Venture Partner

Christophe Frère
Sprint Provider

Angela Gest-Mcall
Leadership Coach

Jan Paul Grollé
Leadership Coach

Noëlle Haitsma
Venture Partner

Bart Hartman
Venture Partner

Jorg van der Heijden
Venture Partner

Auke van den Hout
Venture Partner

Jaap Maljers
Venture Partner

Femke Markus
Venture Partner

Francesca Nardocci
Sprint Provider

Ivo de la Rive Box
Venture Partner

Rolf Jan Rutten
Venture Partner

Robert Schuman
Venture Partner
Gernot Schwendtner
Sprint Provider

Jason Smith
Venture Partner

Olivier Tardieu
Venture Partner

Laurens de Vijver
Venture Partner

Alexander van Wassenaer
Venture Partner

Marieke van Wel-Stoffels
Venture Partner

Bert Wiggers
Venture Partner

Huib Wurfbain
Leadership Coach

Roland Zegger
Venture Partner

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Flight Program Director

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