Is your corporate venture ready to scale?

For a corporate venture, realizing modest revenues is just not good enough. The venture must scale to at least 100 million-plus revenues to move the needle on the overall revenue growth of the company. ScaleUpNationoffers transformational programs to empower intrapreneurs, their portfolio teams and board members to master the art of scaling:

We Help you to Scale

Founded by THNK and McKinsey, ScaleUpNation is fully dedicated to scale-up performance and impact. Our leadership team includes Menno van Dijk (former director McKinsey, co-founder THNK), Janet Bumpas (involved in 3 scale-ups) and Rob Shelton (Executive Fellow at Miller Center). We enable scale-up founders and independent ventures and corporate ventures

Our unique ScaleUpDrivers were developed through collaboration with and research of hundreds of entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

To achieve rapid revenue growth you need to combine ambitious growth targets with strategic bets, operational excellence and a culture that empowers your team

Corporate runway program

In the Runway Program, we help the most promising homegrown corporate ventures to tackle the second valley of death – the transition that determines whether you will stall or scale and grow to an impactful size. Over the course of the 6 days, your venture management team will:

Conduct an objective evaluation

Evaluating the current opportunity for scalability.

  • Self-reflection experiences for the intrapreneur to “zoom out” and define areas for improvement
  • Support with providing external proof that the venture is ready to scale

Set an ambitious, disruptive vision

Articulating a visionary path to a €100 million business future.

  • Setting an ambition big enough to move the needle
  • Reframe of existing market and opportunities
  • Creating proof and a plan to ground the vision in reality

Plan for independent leadership and success

Leader shifts from founder to CEO

  • Transformative leadership experiences
  • How to position your venture for independent success
  • Creating a plan and KPIs to propel the organization

Join a master forum of corporate intrapreneurs who have reached the scaling stage, and discover best practices and unique innovation approaches from your peers.

Program Rhythm

Are you ready to scale?

Introductions to businesses and leaders. Self-reflection and objective evaluation. The transition from start-up begins.

Oct 4-5

1.5 Days

Creating the stretch

Visioning and strategic bets deep dive, theory as a group then content as a venture with paired with an expert. Re-framing the business model and pushing the boundaries.

Oct 29-30

1.5 Days

Empowered to grow

Together with the venture stakeholder, building the innovation thesis and establishing synergies with the greater corporate. Addressing individual governance challenges and maximizing the scale-up’s chances for success.

Nov 27-28

1.5 Days

A CEO is born

Leadership, resilience, and team work. Building an independent operational engine and rhythm, protected from a corporate bureaucracy. Ready for the pitch, ready to scale.

Jan 10-11

1.5 Days


  • Homegrown corporate venture leadership teams (CEO, COO, CMO, Sales director), at least 2 attendees per venture
  • Have achieved product-market fit
  • Executive sponsor buy in and attendance in module 3


Introductory rate of €20.000 ex VAT per venture team, inclusive of:

  • 6 full days of programming
  • Individual coaching
  • All materials, meals, and refreshment
  • Executive sponsor participation in module 3

Interested? Schedule a quick call to learn more or reach out directly to Annie at +31 6 11 37 78 60 or

The ScaleUpNation Experience

Empowering entrepreneurs to scale

To date, over 75 scale-up teams have matriculated through the Runway program.

Corporate projects thus far with companies such as Shell have unlocked serious potential for business growth.

Our Principles of Engagement

Scaling a venture is hard, complex, explorative, and experimental. Scale-up masters are experienced practitioners as well as lifelong learners. Our programs are designed to meet their needs, delivering:

  • International best-in-class faculty (in strategy, practice, and coaching)
  • Proprietary research-based insights
  • Master-level programming
  • Serious leadership development
  • Action and peer-to-peerr learning, no lectures

Roger Hunter

Shell Digital Ventures VP

“ScaleUpNation helped us come to a clear plan on what to focus on for ’scale-up’ and an executive narrative that helped enable us to secure investment to take us to the next level. We are now working to dynamically ramp up our customer penetration.”

Sjaak Vink

The Social Medwork CEO

“ScaleUpNation’s Runway Program teaches you to rapidly accelerate and scale your business. Whilst following the program, our revenues tripled. Need I say more?”

Mark van Laar

Fixico CEO

“Runway has been a fantastic and inspiring journey. It helped us take a step back and reflect on our day-to- day business and scaling strategy, while learning from entrepreneurs, coaches and practitioners about how to best navigate the scaling journey that lies ahead.”

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