Trailblazing: scaling your impact

to change industries

Impact at scale calls for systems change – changing entire industries towards new product standards, operating practices and business models. You can answer this call by becoming a trailblazer, a pioneering company that aims not only to grow your own businesses, but to change an entire industry. You are a trailblazer if your mission is to make the world a better place by providing innovative solutions to societal challenges.

In interviewing 45 scale-up CEOs and analysing 3,500+ organisations, we have identified four success factors that help trailblazers scale their impact to change industries. To lead industry change, trailblazers 1) envision a better future, 2) raise the bar with their offer, 3) leverage high-impact partnerships, and 4) develop the market.

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Liselore Haverman

Sr. Researcher

Anna Fenko


Afroditi Terzi




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In our research of trailblazing we interviewed 45 impact scale-up CEOs and analysed 3,500+ organisations. We thank the Goldschmeding Foundation for the ongoing support.