ScaleUpNation Book Club: Summer reads 2020

Summer 2020 was definitely a strange one. But despite all that is going on in the world, one habit remained the same – taking advantage of the long summer days to catch up on reading. We asked our team which books made an impression on them in the past couple of months. Here are their recommendations:


Qualitative Researcher

Summer by Ali Smith
Our head of qualitative research, Liselore, recommends Summer by Ali Smith. It is a wonderful work of fiction that touches upon the big questions of our time by approaching them from characters in different times and context, that despite their great differences are all connected. This book helps you to see both the darkness as the brightness, a beautiful read.


Operations Lead

Operations lead Nina has been reading Grow the Pie by Alex Edmans, a book recommended by the financial times. It is a book about the core of what ScaleUpNation stands for: How companies deliver on both purpose and profit. The author uses examples from different industries and countries, not only showing the possibility of creating both profit and social value but that the most successful companies are actually driven by purpose and desire to serve a societal need. A book that definitely inspires to get back to it after enjoying your summer holidays!


Digital Marketer

Our digital marketer Marta dived into Invisible Women, an in-depth investigation of how data collection regularly fails to take into account gender. It points out that the overwhelming majority of the world’s decision makers are male, which reflects in how systems often neglect the specific needs of women. The author provides several examples of the consequences of that bias on women’s daily lives, health, and even urban planning. It’s definitely a provocative read, which will make you think about what other biases go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives.

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