What are the consequences and possibilities of the new pension agreement for Dutch scale-up entrepreneurs?

The Dutch government has agreed on a new agreement for pensions and AOW, that should make the pension system more transparent and personal. Especially in times like these, scale-ups want to stay agile and the traditional pension agreements can feel like a pain in the neck.
But did you know there are other possibilities? Our ScaleUp community member Sjaak Zonneveld from BrightPensioen will deep dive into the world of pensions with you. We will go over the different alternatives that don’t make your pension scheme such a liability, are not labour intensive and that will make you very attractive as an employer.
Join our webinar on September 30 from 16.00 – 17.00 and learn what is the best option for you!
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Sjaak Zonneveld

Commercial Director

Sjaak has a background in the software industry, including at Exact Software and Oracle, where one of his main focus areas was the customer experience. After taking (his first) one-year sabbatical to travel the world, Sjaak studied the Dutch pension system and realized there was room for a new type of pension institution.
He wrote ‘The New Way of Working for your pension’, where he envisions a non-profit (cooperative) pension institution, which can grant good returns for the participants, and happier employees and customers. Since then he has joined BrightPensioen, an organization that strives to make the financial world fairer, more transparent and more sustainable.