Select the best Scale-Ups in Food & Agri for ScaleUpFood

About ScaleUpNation

Social challenges are also entrepreneurial opportunities. Many businesses are started but only very few are able to scale. And only those that scale moves the needle in terms of impact and value creation. These insights drive ScaleUpNation to dedicate itself to supporting the scaling of young, innovative ventures with potential for large societal impact.

Scaling is an art, not a mechanistic formula. Still, we believe scale-up practices can be distilled, which increases the probability of scale-up success. The ScaleUpNation approach combines research with practice, support programs with digital tools, and personal mentoring and coaching with business growth.

About ScaleUpFood

Scaling is hard, but innovative companies in Food & Agri often face a number of additional challenges. Common hurdles are unpredictable regulatory approval journeys for new products or ingredients and long sales cycles in a complex value chain. Compared to other sectors, F&A ventures have less access to external funding, which again limits their ability to invest in the organization, data architecture, IP, and production facilities. ScaleUpFood addresses scaling in this tough environment. Which practices set apart the scale-ups from the stall-ups. Which best practices lead to scale, and which behavior or strategic choices should scale-ups avoid?

ScaleUpFood is an initiative from Rabobank, FoodValley, and ScaleUpNation. Ventures are sourced globally and brought to the fertile ground of the Netherlands for collaboration with the top subject matter experts, corporates, and financial institutions required to make significant leaps.

ScaleUpFood Program

The ScaleUpFood Program is an invite-only masterclass program that addresses success factors specific to Food & Agri scale-ups and engages top Food & Agri corporates and innovative mid-caps for collaboration and peer-learning. After the masterclasses, qualified ventures are selected and invited for longer-term tailored support and collaboration in our Food Flight Partnership program. The ScaleUpFood Masterclass content and Food Flight interventions are based on ongoing fact-based research to uncover the scaling success factors of global Food & Agri ventures.

This role

ScaleUpFood aims to be the platform for upstream F&A scale-ups. Your role is to scout the most interesting scale-up ventures in Food & Agri and help build the community for the ScaleUpFood. The mission for this position is to be a crucial part of our venture recruitment and sales efforts to further develop the ScaleUpFood Community. You will report to the Business Developer ScaleUpFood.

Your Responsibilities

Venture Scouting– Systematically review scale-ups in and outside of our programs assess industry/technology trends, with the aim of creating a number of market maps and inform our venture selection. This will involve forging partnerships with major European VCs, incubators, and accelerators. You will also interview scale-ups, investors, and experts in the field to identify top scale-ups.

Venture Selection – Work with our Food & Agri Program Team on Program selection. This includes preparation and participation in Marketing and Business Development meetings, Flight Selection meetings, and facilitating scaling diagnostics (ScaleUpScan), to help shape the support we offer.
Venture Recruitment (Sales) – Convert the selected ventures into ScaleUpFood participants. Sell the program, ensure sign-up. Work along with structured scouting, selection, and sales process. Maintain relationships with founders/CEOs who will become part of the ScaleUpFood Community.

Your skills

  • Demonstrable passion for Social Impact, entrepreneurship, and scale-ups in Food & Agri
  • Knowledge of Innovation in Food & Agri Industry and/or scale-up /start-up world
  • Ability to connect and bond with the management of scale-ups
  • Affinity with sales and business development
  • Fluent in English and preferably 1-2 additional European languages

Our offer

  • Competitive salary – indication €2375-2700 gross per month (fulltime)
  • A contract for 6 months with an option for extension
  • A contract for 80% (32 hours per week)
  • Great opportunity to learn and meet new people
  • Inspiring environment
  • Part of an A-team

Applications with CV, motivation, and verifiable references should be sent to and received by 20 January 2021. For substantive questions, you can contact Laura Talsma (Business Development ScaleUpFood) via email:

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