About ScaleUpNation

We believe that societal challenges are also entrepreneurial opportunities. Many businesses get started, but only very few survive, let alone scale. And only those that scale can have real societal impact and potential for value creation. Driven by these insights we at ScaleUpNation support the scaling journeys of young, innovative ventures with the potential for strong societal impact. Ventures participating in our programs double their probability of scaling into full-fledged sustainable firms. ScaleUpNation was founded in 2017 by Menno van Dijk, former senior partner at McKinsey & Company and founder and former leader of business school THNK.

Our support is underpinned by proprietary research

At ScaleUpNation we underpin our support of scale-ups with proprietary, scientifically sound research. From this research, we derive insights and best practices for the scale-ups that participate in our support programs. The ScaleUpCircular Research project is a key part of our ScaleUpCircular Program that feeds new insights on Scaling Success Factors in circular industries into the program while working together with participating ventures and industry experts.

About ScaleUpCircular

ScaleUpCircular is a new initiative at ScaleUpNation to support scale-ups whose mission is to bring circularity to the economy. Our initial focus is on the construction industry and on the plastics industry. This position reports to the Program Director ScaleUpCircular.

The Research Project

Scaling is already hard, and innovative companies in circular industries often face additional challenges. These include long sales cycles, selling to large conservative industrial customers, and proving the long term benefits of the products and solutions to potential customers. The ScaleUpCircular research aims to unravel scaling best practices in this tough environment. Key questions to crack are which practices set apart ventures that scale from those that don’t? And which best practices lead to successful scaling, and which pitfalls or strategic choices should scale-ups avoid?

The research will use a number of sources and methodologies, ranging from literature studies, quantitative data-gathering, and expert interviews to more experimental set-ups such as social media traffic analysis and deep-dive learning sessions. The Senior Researcher leads the qualitative and quantitative research and works with scaling experts from ScaleUpNation and our corporate partners. The Senior Researcher will also translate the research insights into articles, classroom materials, and management tools. ScaleUpNation already has a unique set of insights into the scaling of young innovative ventures in general and has recently completed a first research project on the success factors of scaling in the construction Industry. The Senior Researcher will further expand and deepen this existing work and launch a new research project on the success factors for scaling of young ventures in the circular plastics industry.

What will you do:

  • Planning and leading the research project to gain a deep understanding of the drivers of scaling in Circular industries, with a focus on construction and plastics
  • Defining the research questions and research setup (methodology)
  • Determining the required resources and data and how to access those (on- and off-line literature, databases, conferences)
  • Leading qualitative sessions such as expert interviews, group discussions, learning dialogues
  • Performing the research based on those inputs
  • Synthesizing and articulating the results of the quantitative and qualitative research and literature into clear, new, communicable insights such as on-line publications and blogs
  • Establishing contacts and work with scale-ups, corporates, and institutions inside and outside our community to the benefit of the research and ScaleUpNation
  • Producing frameworks and tools based on the research that can be used in our programs;
  • Managing budget, and monitoring and reporting progress

Key Deliverables include:

  • A report with deepened and refined insights on the success factors for scaling of young ventures in the construction industry, as a follow-on on our first research project Into this topic
  • A report with insights on the success factors for scaling of young ventures in the circular plastics industry
  • Communications to our community on the above topics in the form of publications, blog posts, and webinars

Who are you

You have successfully completed a university degree at MSc/MBA level, and several years of verifiable experience in research and assessment of market structures and dynamics, both qualitative and quantitative. You are able to quickly understand markets that are new to you. You have a strong background in business and business research, e.g. through work as an in-house business strategist, as a management consultant, or a financial or business analyst. You are driven by societal impact and have an intrinsic interest in circularity.

You are self-propelled, curious, creative, and sharp: able to formulate the right research questions and experiment with research methodologies in this relatively new field of research. You connect easily with new people and are comfortable in unfamiliar settings. You are a strong and insightful interviewer, with the ability to probe for non-obvious insights. You have proven experience in producing communication and training materials (short texts, presentations, exercises, tools). You have excellent communicative and facilitation skills.

Your skills

  • Demonstrable passion for social impact, entrepreneurship, and scale-ups.
  • Skilled in research methodologies and statistically sound data analysis;
  • Awareness of data-driven research methodologies
  • Ability to turn findings into articles, presentations, and classroom materials
  • Ability to work independently and in virtual teams with little daily oversight
  • Able to connect easily with the management of scale-ups, and other key input contributors to the research

Our offer

  • A 6 months’ contract – part-time at 80%, with a remuneration of 3500-4200 Euros per month based on a full-time equivalent position. This includes an 8% holiday allowance. Potential to extend for another 6 months.
  • Lots of independence and flexibility to organize and optimize your time
  • Great learning and skills development
  • Inspiring, young, creative, and driven colleagues
  • Opportunity to hone your market research skills as part of a highly respected and well-connected player in the Dutch start/scale-up community
  • Opportunity to do your part in making the economy circular

Applications with CV, motivation, and verifiable references should be sent to office@scaleupnation.com and received by 20 January 2021. For substantive questions, you can contact Robert Oushoorn via email: robert.oushoorn@scaleupnation.com.

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