The Navigator is now part of our new comprehensive diagnostics tool – the ScaleUpScan. Combining the Navigator results, a leadership framework, and several digital proxies, the ScaleUpScan pinpoints where ventures are on their scaling journey. It’s an opportunity for ventures to have a courageous discussion about their future priorities.

Assess your performance in our 20 Scale-up Success Factors.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the ScaleUpNavigator! ScaleUpLab developed a tool for impact-driven entrepreneurs to assess their company’s performance on 20 Scale-up Success Factors.

10.000 hours of research, analyzing half a million ventures and working with many entrepreneurs went into creating the Navigator. All so that you can have access to data-driven insights and benchmarks and ultimately increase your probability to scale.

ScaleUpLab is a non-profit research-oriented organization aiming to contribute to the success of the scale-up ecosystem. With the support of the Goldschmeding Foundation, we are able to make the Navigator accessible to everyone.

Get a personalized report on your performance in under 20 minutes by using the ScaleUpNavigator.

The ScaleUpNavigator allows you to get a complete overview of how you score on every scaling success factor under 20 minutes

Niels Dierckx

Program Director JustDiggit

“If you really want to have a vision on ‘how’ you are going to scale, not 2x but 10x or even a 100x as an organization, it is essential to use a tool like the ScaleUpNavigator.”

Ingrid Hessing

Marketing and Sales MgAubel

“ScaleUpLab’s Navigator is the only tool in the world that gives me a complete benchmark on my probability to scale MgAubel. I love it!”