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There is plenty of expertise in the faculty of Art of Scaling Masterclass, a half-day session where scaling experts help leadership teams to build the toolbox they need to start scaling. One of those experts is Francesca Nardocci, who will be on-site in Amsterdam on June 22nd working alongside start- and scale-up teams.

francesca nardocci

My mantra is: ideas are easy, execution is everything. And discipline will set you free. In the Masterclass you will achieve the discipline you need to scale.

Her main talent lies in leading operations teams, particularly in scale-ups. Francesca has been coaching companies to scale their teams, daily operations and processes for more than two decades. As the years rolled by, she understood how to manage the counterintuitive aspects of scaling, and how to develop the mindset of leadership teams accordingly. Francesca considers herself very privileged to be part of those companies by guiding them in their scaling journey and making sure they can achieve growth. 

In the Masterclass, Francesca will offer her expertise in scaling up operations. Teams need to work together to a particular business beat when they want to scale a company, and she knows how to reach it. “My mantra in operations is: ideas are easy, execution is everything. And discipline will set you free.” You really need discipline to scale, and that’s something you can start working on at The Art of Scaling Masterclass.

Francesca will also inspire companies to scale with her mischievous sense of humor since “that helps to get over all the chaos and difficulties involved in scaling!”.

Are you ready to start scaling your operations?

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