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Afroditi Terzi is a senior researcher at ScaleUpNation. She is the driving force behind The Art of Scaling report, the biggest and most well documented research on what makes companies scale. She has been continuously gathering insights on the factors that make companies scale or stall for the past 3 years.

masterclass expert

“The masterclass is the place to be for companies that want to figure out what their priorities are. Scaling can be an overwhelming process. In this masterclass you’ll be able  to see the big picture and identify your  next steps.”

Afroditi started her research career in cognitive and behavioural development and education research at University of Amsterdam. In the past 4 years, she has been researching scaling. Initially, her focus was on leadership, then she integrated business development in scale-ups

Currently, she is working on turning ScaleUpNation findings into practical tools, such as the ScaleUpScan and the Internationational Scan, that aim to support scale-up CEOs in defining their next steps in their scaling journey. On June 22nd she will share the key research findings from The Art of Scaling. She will also support teams in filling out their Scaling Canvas, a crucial step in kick starting their scaling journey.

What will be the outcome of the Art of Scaling Masterclass? During the half-day session leadership teams will build the toolbox they need to start scaling with the help of scaling experts.

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