The 5 indicators of

trailblazing success

As a trailblazer, you become successful when your market is growing and other industry players start following you. Based on our extensive research, we found 5 indicators of trailblazing success:

  1. Growing demand for your type of offer
  2. Increasing recognition in the public domain
  3. Professional recognition
  4. Public support by the key industry players
  5. Favourable changes in standards and policie

The ScaleUpLab team has illustrated each point with examples from trailblazers all around the world. Find out how you can measure trailblazing success.

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Liselore Haverman

Sr. Researcher

Anna Fenko


Afroditi Terzi




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In our research of trailblazing we interviewed 45 impact scale-up CEOs and analysed 3,500+ organisations. We thank the Goldschmeding Foundation for the ongoing support.