Featured in image: Protix, leading insect company

Calling for all the protein transition champions!

ScaleUpNation has joined forces with Foodvalley and InvestNL to launch Fastlane, a program for ventures leading the way in the protein transition.

As people become more able to afford animal protein, the demand goes up, and so does the toll it takes on the environment and our health. But as we always say, every societal challenge is an entrepreneurial opportunity:

  • The production of plant-based meat has gone up 20-30% per year in recent years
  • The insect farming industry alone is predicted to be worth €6,6 billion by 2030
  • Meat alternatives now count for 2.5% of the value of the meat market in the Netherlands, a small but steadily growing number

The program

Fastlane is a program for teams with innovative technologies who are going to lead the transition to new protein sources. By connecting participants to a multi-disciplinary team of experts, the program aims to fast track the companies’ growth, thereby attracting the right investors.

Selected ventures will follow a 100-day roadmap – a collection of milestones to be achieved in order to attract financing. Each company’s milestones will be defined with an initial “Milestone Scan”. Teams will get tailored support from a broad network of experts, who will help them prepare for the next financing round.

The first pilot will start on July 2021, offering entrepreneurs the chance to get to know the program better.


We are searching for ambitious ventures based in the Netherlands with an innovative solution for the protein transition, who expect to raise €10 million or more in the next one to three years.

To apply send an email to fastlane@invest-nl.nl with an explanation of your ambition and motivation to participate.

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