A lot of businesses are started, but very few are able to scale. And only those that scale can move the needle in terms of impact and value creation.  At ScaleUpNation, we believe that societal challenges are also entrepreneurial opportunities. Our mission is to support the scaling of young, innovative ventures with potential for large societal impact.

Our approach combines research with practice, support programs with digital tools, and mentoring and coaching with growth capital. We support our ventures with 3 pillars: ScaleUpLab, ScaleUpPractice, and ScaleUpInvest.

Working at ScaleUpNation means…

  • A rapid learning curve, with lots of responsibilities and freedom/flexibility to achieving your goals (i.e. no micro-management).
  • A team of ambitious and result-driven people that share a drive to create positive impact.
  • Full access to internal training sessions, scaling programs and community events, learning about enterprise scaling, leading growing teams and building relationships with the founders we support.

If you want to join our team, send your CV and motivation to us at info@scaleupnation.com.

Meet the team

Financial Controller

Anne Mieke
Leadership Consultant

Community Manager

Jan Paul
Business Case Facilitator

ScaleUpBoard Director

Product Owner

ScaleUpScan Business Analyst

Office Manager

Sales & Admissions Manager

Strategy Consultant

Scale-Up Strategist

Research Lead

Founder & CEO

Marta Fiolhais

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