Today is the last day of our very first ScaleUpCircular class. The program brought together 8 companies with innovative circular solutions that mitigate the environmental impact of the construction and real estate industry. From new building materials to software that optimizes offices, these are the brave ventures shaping the future of work and living:

Madaster Logo

Madaster offers a platform solution that is driven by an epic vision for the future of construction: making material available forever. Their approach of building a closed system without any waste is not only fascinating but exactly the kind of inspiration needed to build a more circular future. 

Studio Solarix Logo

Studio Solarix offers circular design solutions for new construction and redevelopment with their innovative solar facade panels. The team strives to challenge how we build by transforming the way our buildings look and function.

BoomBuilds Logo

To allow for a more personal approach in architecture, Boom Builds offers an open-source platform for affordable and sustainable housing. Their digital-first approach enables architects and partners globally to collaborate and leverage each other’s creativity and insights.

The Office App Logo

The Office App team provides a suite of tools that make building and tenant management for offices a whole lot cheaper and easier. Realizing the importance of finding better use out of existing structures, their goal is to revolutionise the way offices are built, used, and experienced.

Sustainer Homes Logo

Sustainer Homes’ wooden building system allows for beautiful sustainable efficiency, utilizing the most circular building material there is.  Together with architects, developers, and builders, they actively work on making the transition to circular construction easier by offering their modular construction systems that are developed in-house.

Spotr Logo

Spotr offers solutions that tackle huge opportunities in circular building maintenance through their smart image recognition technology. Their mission of enabling buildings to take care of their users offers an extremely valuable solution to ensuring the longevity of new and existing constructions.

Physee Logo

On their mission to create an energy-neutral future without compromising design or well-being for sustainability, Physee presents an exciting and innovative product. Their development of coating, sensory and solar technologies to enhance glass for built environments creates a more sustainable tomorrow. 

Goodhout Logo

GoodHout is turning a former waste product into a bio-based composite: Coconut Husk Board. With a strong focus on a circular product and meticulous material science, the scale-up is working in bringing a completely new building material to the market.

In these 4 weeks, the teams have deep-dived into the different areas that can unleash their scaling potential:

  • The first module was all about strategy. We dove into the Art of Scaling together and envisioned what a great business looks like. To think outside of the box, we covered strategy development tools like visualization, reframing and horizon planning.
  • During the second module, the focus was on the customer. The teams thought about customer interaction in a structured way, reframed what they have to offer, and defined how they can make an emotional link with potential customers.
  • The 3rd session was geared towards leadership and organization, a crucial pillar of scaling. We discussed how to recognize the typical elements of ambidextrous leadership, and reflected on each other’s experiences.
  • The theme of the last module is ‘Galvanize’. During this day we focus on translating new priorities (the three horizons) into an action plan and learn how to articulate a story that moves a team and stakeholders to act. In other words: Galvanizing into the future!

Next up for these ScaleUpCircular ventures is going into the Boost sessions, where they will receive one-on-one support on their specific scaling needs. Let’s Scale Circular!