In the “Meet the Scaleup Board Member” we profile a member of our ScaleUpBoard alumni community. Today we are speaking with Class 13 alumni, Petra van Woensel.

Petra is a recent ScaleUpBoard alumni with a 20+ year career specializing in project finance. As a relationship and risk manager at ING, she covered many sectors including energy, maritime, telecom and infrastructure as well as being part of steering committees during complex and dynamic work out processes. Her work with ING took her overseas to Australia where as Senior Credit Officer expanding the wholesale bank activities with project finance transactions in the renewables sector.

Now based in Utrecht, Petra is looking for supervisory and investment committee positions where she can use her skills and experience to help ventures along their scaling journey. In her free time, Petra is an avid rower who enjoys cooking and reading.

Learn more about Petra and his experience in the ScaleUpBoard program below!

Meet… Petra van Woensel!


What is your headline? 

Helicopter View / Team Player / Project Finance

What are you passionate about professionally?

I am fascinated about the innovations in the energy sector, from tidal energy to storage solutions.

Which sessions of the ScaleUpBoard program did you find the most insightful? 

Most sessions of the program are meaningful, but I learned the most from the iSolar case because it promotes teamwork, recreates time pressure and decision making that would occur in a board meeting.

How do you want to add value to a board?

Being a structural person, I can assist with keeping the long term focus. With my financial background, especially project finance, I can advise on cash flow forecasts, funding in general and keen to explain and promote project finance.

If you are on or have been on a board or in an advisory position, how did you encounter the opportunity? If not, what type of board role are you seeking?

I am currently not on a board, but I am in the process for two board roles and one advisory role which are all in the energy sector. I found out about these positions when a former ING colleague and a fellow ScaleUpBoard alumni tipped me off about them!

What is the best piece of advice some gave to you?

With difficult decisions, first decide on option A, let it sink in and see how it feels for a few days. Next, decide for option B then digest and analyze your emotions. This may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

What do you want your impact to be through your work?

Innovations and initiatives for the energy transition are needed, but I think there could be more focus on savings as I believe that will increase awareness. Although I haven’t figured out yet how I can drive this, it all starts with a mission.


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