Hiring to scale is not just writing vacancies and selecting the best candidates, It's a matter of transforming your organization.

Hiring to scale

by Liselore Havermans, Anna Fenko, Ji-ye Oh,
Jorgen Sandig and Menno van Dijk

It takes a village to scale.

To successfully transition into a scale-up, you need to bring in new talent that will quickly build sales momentum, produce at volume, create processes, and drive the organization. But do all employees need to be full-time employees?

In its latest study, the ScaleUpLab looks at how scale-ups need to combine hiring the right talent, with engaging valuable collaborators.

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The Authors

Liselore Havermans

Sr. Researcher

Anna Fenko


Ji-ye Oh


Jorgen Sandig

ScaleUpLab Director

Menno Van Dijk

Founder & CEO