Delighting Customers: By making customers your accomplices, you can delight them and sustain your scaling journey

The scale-up way:

Making your customers partners in crime

by Anna Fenko, Liselore Havermans, Ji-ye Oh,
Jorgen Sandig and Menno van Dijk

Make your customers your accomplices.

Scale-ups grow fast and do not have large resources. Because of this, they are naturally drawn to the magic of going viral – ideally, by delighting their customers. However, in reality scale-ups struggle even to deliver to their promise.

In its latest study, the ScaleUpLab looks at how ventures can turn customers into accomplices in order to keep scaling.

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The Authors

Liselore Havermans

Sr. Researcher

Anna Fenko


Ji-ye Oh


Jorgen Sandig

ScaleUpLab Director

Menno Van Dijk

Founder & CEO