Crack the code of scaling for Scale-Ups

At ScaleUpLab we have the ambition to underpin growth strategy with scientifically sound research, where the outcomes should also be applicable for teaching our scale-ups. This involves a great deal of applied research and interaction with our scale-up support practice “ScaleUpPractice” and investment fund “ScaleUpInvest”.

You are a researcher, that can work on a (research) Master level at ScaleUpLab to crack the code of scaling triple bottom line scale-ups. You will work on several research projects to generate a deep understanding of the success factors of scale-ups, by executing qualitative research in close collaboration with scale-ups, inside and outside our community.

You are going to be involved in research tracks on the following topics:

  • Learning Velocity
  • Creating a Beachhead/ crossing the Chasm
  • Delighting customers
  • Hiring the best

This means:

  • Review relevant literature
  • Conduct and transcribe interviews
  • Participate in reflexive dialogues with researchers and practitioners
  • Analyze qualitative data
  • Develop research output (e.g. publications, slide decks, input for curriculum development ScaleUpPractice)

About ScaleUpNation

ScaleUpNation supports young, innovative ventures with potential for large societal impact to scale. Social challenges are at the same time opportunities for innovative enterprise. For instance, in Food & Agriculture, sustainable energy, and Health-tech. Many new businesses are started but only very few are able to scale. And only those that scale really move the needle in terms of impact and value creation.

Our experience and research show that scaling is an art, not a mechanistic formula. Scale-ups operate in a volatile, uncertain world and are entrepreneurial by nature. They engage in risk-taking and depend on good fortune. Scaling is organic, interconnected and symbiotic. Still, we believe scale-up practices can be distilled, explored and shared, to increase the probability of scale-up success. In doing so, we aim to make the Netherlands a scale-up nation. The ScaleUpNation approach combines research with practice, support programs with digital tools, and mentoring and coaching with growth capital. We support our ventures with 3 pillars: ScaleUpLab, ScaleUpPractice, and ScaleUpInvest.

About ScaleUpLab

ScaleUpLab collects data and produces insights and tools on scale-up success factors. We aim to build an internationally renowned institute (similar to Kauffman Institute in the US), dedicated to scale-up practice. ScaleUpLab is led by Jörgen Sandig, former founder and CEO of Scyfer, an AI solutions company that was sold to Qualcomm in 2017. The Lab team includes researchers and software developers. You will work closely with Liselore Havermans, Senior Researcher at ScaleUpLab and Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, who will coach and train you in conducting research. We conduct our research projects in close cooperation with the scale-ups in our programs. And always aim to turn insights into usable tools for practitioners.

Your skills

  • Education (research) Master with a focus on qualitative research;
  • Experience as an applied researcher is a plus, preferably in the social sciences;
  • Some affinity with the academic field of marketing is also a plus;
  • We expect candidates to show a proactive research orientation;
  • Skilled in qualitative research methodologies;
  • Experienced in qualitative data analysis using qualitative analysis tools (e.g. NVivo, Atlas.ti);
  • You should be proficient in written and spoken English;
  • Able to communicate with C-level management on entrepreneurial issues.

Our offer

  • Salary based on experience.
  • An inspiring environment where you can work with a skilled and motivated team to support triple bottom line scale-ups that want to help to create a better world.
  • Be part of a team that wants to crack the code of scaling, where you can learn and experience the difference between successful scale-ups and stall-ups.

To apply, please send a cover letter and a resume to Daan Bak, project manager (