Only 0.4% of startups scale...


Our goal is to increase that number

ScaleUpNation is the growth platform for Dutch impact scale-ups.


Large social challenges are as much large entrepreneurial opportunities, but only enterprises that scale are able to move the needle in terms of impact. ScaleUpNation supports entrepreneurs to master the art of scaling, with an ambition to double the number of impact scale-ups.


Our Ambition

Accelerate your scaling and join one of our programs

ScaleUpNation is currently accepting applications for our upcoming programs, aimed at venture entrepreneurs, board members and business coaches, corporate entrepreneurs, and more. Check out our programs page to learn more.

Featured articles

HealthTech Leadership Breakfast Series

Smart Bets •
19 July 2018
HealthTech Leadership Breakfast Series Introducing the ScaleUpNation HealthTech Leadership breakfast series: a monthly forum for founders and management teams of HealthTech ventures to work together on challenging leadership topics. Each...
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Board Members that Propel, Not Protect

Business Beat •
25 June 2018
Supervisory board members of scale-ups focus on value creation rather than value protection, this article describes what it takes. By Menno van Dijk, founder of ScaleUpNation. With input from Rodria Laline, Valeria...
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Introducing ScaleUpDistrict

News •
22 June 2018
A video to introduce ScaleUpDistrict. Thank you to everyone who attended to break-in the new building and celebrate our new identity.
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Scale-ups in the programs

What do we offer

The Practice delivers programs for scale-up founders, scale-up board members, and corporate scale-up intrapreneurs. These programs are highly tailored to the unique growth stage and are designed to build the essential competencies for driving scale with a focus on transformational leadership. Learn more about the Programs and see if you qualify.

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The Lab researches scaling drivers and develops data and tools that helps entrepreneurs to scale. The research approach is demand-driven, focused on questions that entrepreneurs in our programs wrestle with. Learn more about insights the lab has generated: ScaleUpDrivers

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The Fund offers growth-financing to scale-up ventures with vision, focus and a triple bottom line model. To maximize chances for scale-up success, ventures in consideration for funding must be engaged with the Runway and Flight programs.

ScaleUpDistrict provides professional and high-end amenetiesand services to scale-up companies that are ready to move from “the garage” to a more ambitious, international business district. Large, customizable offices for companies over 20 FTE combined with representative amenities create a professional business district.

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